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Exceed Volcano/Proton

Hobbypartz, Nitroplanes, Xheli all carriy the Exceed line of ESCs. These are re-badged Hobbywing ESCs and are a mid grade of ESCs. There are a number of features that are programmable PROGRAMMING PAGE.  These often have basic Linear BECs in the smaller ones. The larger ones will have No BEC (Opto). If you are using an ESC 30A or more I highly recommend you run a seperate switching BEC instead of the internal Linear one.  (don't forget to pull the red wire of the ESC from the servo connector if the ESC is not an OPTO version.  

I have had very good luck with the Volcano/Proton ESCs. I"ve used them in helicopters as well as planes.  Just know that there is no excuse not to watt meter your airplane.  There are a number of inexpensive Watt Meters out there (I have the P1 and P0 from Hobbypartz.  For a helicopter, use a headspeed calculator like DARKHORSE. The ESC will not come with bullet connectors but most of the EXCEED brand motors will come with them. Before you order your Motor/ESC combo, see if the motor has bullets and shrink tubing in the product page.