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Thunder Tiger e550 Review

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I purchased the Thunder Tiger e550 in the fall of 2008.  I purchased this as my first larger Electric Helicopter. At the time I had a vintage Thunder Tiger Raptor .30 Nitro (V1) that I had owned for almost 10 years. So I already had some spare blades and parts for this form factor helicopter. Although the e550 is a 90 degree CCPM swash vs. the mechanical mixing non-ccpm Raptor V1, much of the helicopter is the same or similar to the Raptor .30.  The Raptor .30 was one of the first mass produced Inverted capable out of the box helicopters marketed in the late 90's.  It was considered reliable, a tank in the air and still agile as well (for it's time) inexpensive to repair. The TT e550 was no dissapointment.  I purchased the -K11 kit which came with a Brushless motor and ESC.  The Kit was designed for a 6S battery and many pilots would fly a 6S 4000mAh battery.  I chose to use a 6s 5000mAh battery which was easy to acquire in a form factor that would fit into the frames since many Trex 600 pilots used the same battery. The TT e550 supports standard sized servos and 550mm Blades.  My Kit was purchased from Amain Hobbies using a coupon code that they frequently send out to their registered customers. (I don't think Amain carries this helicopter any more).

This helicopter flies very similar to a Trex 600. The part prices are now becomming higher than a Trex 600.
At the time of this review, I found that Thunder Tiger did not suspend the sale of them but did not plan to run more production on them. Parts are still readily available at AMAIN HOBBIES.

I must say that I'm very happy with how well it currently flies. It is not as agile as my 500 sized helicopter but it is very stable and powerful for it's weight.  

Parts available at:
More info at Ace Hobby