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Stealth 430mm Blades Review (August 2010)

I purchased 2 sets of these blades when they were on sale at HeliDirect (99cents for 2nd pair).  They balanced well with just tracking tape and the CG were pretty close. Comparing them to Align CF stock blades and my inexpensive Pro 3D blades,the CG was a little further out to the tips.   I put about 20+ flights on them on a heli that previously had the cheap Pro 3D CF blades from HobbyPartz.  Other than the looks, I can say they are only SLIGHTLY better in performance.  Under most sport and hovering manuvers, you can't really tell the quality of blades.  Concecutive rolls, continuous flips and expecially tic tocs are some simple manuevers where blades show their flex and quality.   The Stealths were flexy enough to "fart" in the air and bleed power from the head.  Not unlike the 3D Pro blades do. So when I compare them to stock Align Carbons for a 500 helicopter, they are not as good.  However, if your at the hovering stage, sport flying or just want an inexpensive set of blades for your 'beater heli" cause your working on your inverted hovering and don't want to spend as much $$ in a crash, these are just like the 3D Pro blades, inexpensive and not bad for the $.  So they were worth the $32 for 2 pair shipped to my door.  Not so sure they are worth the $25 each when not on sale when the Pro 3D blades are cheaper.