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Solar Servo  Review

Hobbypartz, Nitroplanes and Xheli have a new line of higher end servos called the Solar Servo brand. Based on dissassembly, these are made by the same company that makes the EXI servo line, Batan in China.  I ordered 3 types of servos to test and will review them here.  I got in 3 different sizes: 2 Micro, 3 Mini and 2 Full size servos.

Much like the EXI servos, the Micro and min servos have foam tape on the bottom to secure the board and wires from vibrating and comming loose during flight.  The full siz servo has the wires silicone glue'd into place. Overall, I found the mechanical contruction of these servos to be sound and much better than the contruction you see on budget servos like the Hextronics or Tower Pro servos.

Centering is the ability of the servo to return to the same point when commanded by the reciever.  I compared the Micro and the Mini servos to cooresponding digital hitec servos and the Standard servo to a budget Hextronic to show how well the Solar Servos are doing with centering. I was very impressed at how well the centering was with the Solar Servos compare to even the Hitec servos.  In all 3 servos I tested, It was difficult to see any error in the centering from the Solar Servo.  The Solar Servos did as well or better than the hitec servos.  In a test (not video recorded) comparing it to coorresponding EXI servos, the Solar servos did better than the EXI servos with the Hitec servos doing better than the EXI servos.

Flight Testing:
I have found the flying to be as precise if not better than my Hitec Digitals on the D650 and D770 servos. I can not compare the D658 because I have different servo hole distances than before.  I have flown the D650 servos the most.  The one thing I want people to know is that you DON"T spend less and get more.  The servo centering YES is as documented better than Hitec but long term reliability has to come into play. Search for yourself what you hear others saying on the forums.  I'm happy with my Solar servos in the planes I have them in but I tend to proportion my servo expense to the plane, I do fly more expensive servos in the larger and more expensive planes.  I still recommend that.  But for a step up from the inexpensive EXI or TP servos, these seem to do better for me.

Micro Servo Centering test @3:15
Mini Servo Centering test @ 5:11
Standard Servo Centering test @ 7:17