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Pro 3D blade Review (updated August 2010)

Inexpensive Fiberglass blades that peform well is a bonus for any helicopter flyer, especially at the beginning when your getting used to it. But Carbon Fiber blades will really show what this helicopter is capable of as well as have less tracking inconsistances compared to fiberglass.  These blades are sold by Xheli, Hobbypartz as well as HeliDirect. Both Heli Direct offer flat rate $4.95 shipping within the U.S.A for spare parts. Blades at HeliDirect are slightly more expensive but if your in a rush, they are on the east coast for local shipping to that side of the country.  

Carbon Fiber vs. Fiberglass:
I have flown 205mm (250 heli), 325mm (450 heli) , 335mm (450 heli), 430mm yellow/black (500 heli) both Carbon Fiber as well as the Fiberglass. There is not much to tell the difference between CF and FG for the 205mm blades but for the 325mm and 335mm the difference is noticable.  Tracking can be an issue with any fiberglass blade because they flex more. Plus Fiberglass is harder to manufacture consistantly with all of that flex.  Carbon Fiber will have less tracking issues and will respond quicker in flight.  Fiberglass blades (like wood blades) can fludder if stressed in high G manuevers like a high speed loop, quick flip or tic tocs. If you are in a situation where you want to save $$ because you may crash often becaus you are say a beginner or you are working on your inverted low level hovering, you may want to think about the cheaper Fiberglass blades.  Fiberglass blades are good for sport flying as  well.  Use CF for more roll rate and less tracking issues.

325mm vs. 335mm in a 450:
Most 450 helis can accept the 335mm blades.  The 335mm blades will be a little more stable, have less of a cyclic roll rate and will consume more battery during flight.  While flipping the helicopter, the 335mm blades will allow the helicopter to "float more" in the manuever and have the tendancy to drop out of the sky slower than 325 or 315mm blades.  335mm blades will also stress the cyclic servos more, so if using 335mm blades, I recommend a seperate switching BEC and don't use the built in linear BEC of the ESC.

430mm Blades tested on EXI 500 (updated Aug 2010):
Since the release of the 430mm version (black with Yellow accents), I have put about 75+ flights onto my EXI 500 with them.  They are good for sport flying and hovering. As you get into bigger blades, the flex in the blades really show up in "biting" manuevers like continual flips and expecially tic tocs.  I had put most of those 75 flights doing inverted and inverted backwards training where I dont' really see much of a difference between those and the $40 CF blades I was previously using.  They offered a TINY bit of more translational lift which at moderate forward flight speeds, meant I was using up less of the battery.  These are GREAT blades to use if your working on low inverted hovering or say backwards or inverted flight and want to keep your crash costs down. Or maybe your going to use these for flight testing or your maiden flight and don't want to fly the expensive blades you have right away. Under higher stress manuevers, they don't perform was well as say Align CF blades.  But these inexpensive blades have a place in my usage for sure.

Youtube video of 335FG blades in a 450 helicopter set up for smooth sport flying.

Short video of 335CF blades

250 heli with 205mm FG blades