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Phoenix 3ch coaxial heli with gyro Review

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This is a review of the 3Ch Phoenix coaxial heli from Xheli.com.  This helicopter is available in purple, red (2 versions) and black.  I purchased the Purple one for about $30 before it went on sale, then the red one when it went on sale for $19.70.   They come in 3 channels A, B, and C (mine was A channel for the purple).  The box will say "Phantom 6010" by Steel Structures.

I can not say how amazed I was at the stability and controllability for this indoor 3ch helicopter.  Even at the price I paid of $30, it was an increddible deal. Then seeing it for about $20 with free shipping, I could barely hold back from buying even more than the 2nd one.  Even as a gift, this helicopter is a great buy for the price.  I've handed off to the kids to fly and they took to it rather easily. The most you have to do is to emphesize to them to DROP the throttle if they impact anything to minimize damage. DO NOT KEEP THE THROTTLE UP after impact!!! Follow that simple rule and it will last much longer.  


All you have to do is to unbox it and load in 6 AA batteries into the Tx. I found that it prefered Alkaline batteries. NiMh batteries only workd for a short while and ONLY when they were freshly charged. The Tx must not like the lower voltage (1.2 per cell) of a rechargable battery.  It came with a USB powered charger. (note that not all USB ports on your computer will supply power to charge, try plugging into a powered USB hub or directly to the computer if it does not work).  There is a red light on the USB charger that comes on when it's charging.  It goes off when done (about 20minutes on a fully depleted battery).  Set the Tx channel value (look for a sticker on the top left of the front of the box denoting channel). Turn on the Tx first, then turn on the helicopter. Set the helicopter down and then wait for 10 seconds before trying to fly (to let the gyro stabilize and sense still movement).  Once airborn, move the dial on the right side of the TX to center the tail rotation.

WOW, this thing is stable like any small coaxial, but it's the tail control that really shows.  When you push forward on the right stick to make it move, the tail holds VERY straight.  Push and hold the button (ACCELERATE) at your right finger tip while pushing forward on the right stick and it will move forward faster.  Be careful in a small room cause it will really get going! Between myself and my kids and friends, after about 15 flights, we've had about 20-30 crashes.  So long as you drop throttle and we're flying over carpet, it's been un damaged.

Looking for a winter indoor heli but you don't want to spend the $$ of say an MSR (a good heli by the way), this may be the ticket.  Want this heli but it's out of stock? try the Syma S107 on that link at the top of the page.  The Syma is a tad heavier but very rugged and so popular that you can easily find parts for it online.  The Syma S110 is a smaller and ligher version of the S107

UPDATE (12/13/2010):
I now have a RED version and ordered 3 more for presents. All reporting sucess to it's survivability and control.
NERF battle video added.  

My Video:

Wacky guy torchering the thing:

Wacky Kids Nerf Battle. See who won!