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O.S. Engines .46 AX

What can I say about O.S.  I started my hobby with an O.S. .46SF in 1989 and I still have that same engine (still runs too!).  Follow the instructions on break-in and you will have a reliable engine no problem.  You can use an OS #8 plug and get VERY good reliability out of it.  I have sometimes taken a Heli Enya #3 plug and after 2 gallons of Heli use, put it into an OS .46 and let it be.  Don't run the OS too lean and it will last a long time. Don't forget to oil it for storage.  Many people don't do this and the bearings rust over time.  Close that throttle opening when not flying too. For my 40-50 sized ARF, I'll use one of two OS .46AX engines I have in it.