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Turnigy Nanotech LiPo Review

Hobby city has come out with a new line of LiPo batteries called the Nano-Tech line. The big benifits of these batteries are Physically smaller, Lighter, Higher Burst rate, Lower Internal Redistance, and a Higher Max Charge rate.  I have tested 3S 2200mAh 25C and 6S 3000mAh 25C packs. I have a number of friends right now running the 3S 2200 25C packs as well. Those 25C packs are performing every bit as well as the 30C equivilant Turnigy packs I have.  The Internal resistance is lower (that's a good thing) than the 30C pack or the same. The packs are not puffing at all and come down the same temperature or cooler as my 30C packs.  Hobby City has mentioned that they were more concervative on their C rating on these batteries than before and I would agree this is the case.   I have around 30 charges on both batteries now and they are performing the same as after the break in flights.  No puffing is noticable and they are as square as a brick still.   They are comming with some good industry standard plugs (not DEANS) and if you are looking to switch standards, these are good for the size batteries they are on.  The specs will show the discharge plug that comes with it (XT60 shown above in the 2200mAh 3S 25C pack).  I have been able to charge my 25C packs using an iCharger 3010B at as high as 5C while connected up to a Marine Deep cycle battery at the flying field. By not pulling more than 80% out of the packs, the cells stay nice and balanced during discharge which also speeds up the field charge as the battery cells stay nice and balanced. I have averaged 8-9 minutes to recharge these packs under my normal use. But if you discharge more than me, you can expect 10-15 minutes to recharge depending on your ability to provide the current during charge and how well you have been treating the packs.  If you are concerned about size of the battery and you want a pack that can charge fast, then it's worth it to concider the Nano-techs over the standard Turnigies.  I do not recommend spending extra on the Nano-tech's for Novice/Beginner fliers.  You should be concerned about getting more packs of a 25C rating and getting more total flight time flight time.  

EDIT: They now have much higher C rating packs. 35C, 45C and even 65C packs.  The 45C packs are Extreamly price compeditive as well as the 65C packs.  The 65C packs DEFINITLY produce more power in nearly the same weight than the 25C. About 10% more.