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MKS 292 Gyro Review (April 2009)

I picked up an MKS 292 gyro from Xheli.com and tested it out.

It mounts vertically so the label on it needs to be facing sideways. The nice thing about it is that the gain dial on the gyro when using the gain channel from your TX acts as a limit adjustment. That's a big advantage over other gyros in it's price range available in the US. It also has a reverse setting (They use a dial turned all the way one way or the other to set reverse).  The only quirky thing I found was the gyro MUST be started up in HH mode. If you start it up switched in Rate mode, it will NOT initialize so always look at the light on the Gyro like normal. I always recommend doing a quick gyro test before each flight. I lift my heli and put my finger on the tail slider I then jerk the heli Nose-left and make sure the tail slider compensates by moving left (pinching my finger).
I found the manual for this gyro online. I found it hard to understand and rewrote it here:

MKS 292 Manual rewritten

It held pretty decent  on my EXI 450. I have a digital tail servo on it. It held pretty well in punch outs, flips and backwards flight.  Much better than my Esky 704A or Telebee gyros I have. This helicopter is going back into my Scale 500D fuse, so I mounted the gyro on the side where I can see it and adjust it. Using a side mount gyro is a nice feature for scale helicopters that make it harder to get to the inside of a top or bottom mounted gyro.

UPDATE on this review: With the release of the GY48V gyro, I recommend the GY48V over the MKS292 because the GY48V can handle a digital servo. It also is more configurable and mounts in the normal orientation. Although the MKS292 is the standard gyro on the Blueray/Genesis RTF heli, I recommend upgrading the gyro to a better one ONLY after you have upgraded the tail servo. Without a tail servo upgrade, you will not notice much improvement.

Test video

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