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HobbyPartz ASP Engines
Hobbypartz carries a line of ASP engines. These engines come with the brand lable milled out so what you get does not always look like the photo on the website. One of the .25 engines I recieved was better and more updated than the photo.  These engines are very similar to Magnum or OS engines. They perform nearly identical to Magnum engines and are 95% the performance of an O.S. at nearly half the cost.  Like any engine, you need a good quality Glow Plug like an OS 8 or equivilant.  Run 15% Nitro and do not set it too rich.  Download the OS manual and follow the break-in instructions like it's an OS and it should be reliable for you.  Only mod I recommend is the old fuel tubing on the high end needle. You can red silicone the muffler screws and tighten them down after the motor/muffler is still warm from break-in so they don't come loose.