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Review Zenoah G26

Link to Zenoah G26 at Horizon Hobby

When most people with experiance are looking for a simple yet reliable gas powered engine suitable for most 1.20 sized planes 10-15lbs, they think of Zenoah. They hav been around for a long time in this hobby and have pioneered the Gas Engine power plant for some time.  My favorate is the simple magneto type. You get a little more power out of an ignition type but I really like the simplicity of the Magneto.  The G26 is not the oldest engine but one that has become more popular for both the economics of gas use but also the simplicity of getting a nice scale sound without the need for a 4 stroke Nitro.  
The G26 installs well. I put it into a Balsa USA 1/4 Scale Nieuport 17 as part of a 1/4 Scale WWI Biplane project.  The vibrations were minimal and the G26 does not need any sort of complicated long break in.  Since the Nieuport is a scale Biplane, there is not a huge demand for throttle response from the G26, although I"ve seen it put into sport planes with as much reliability out of it as any nitro engine would have.  There is alot of information out there on G26 setup and history. Most of the activity is at rcuniverse.com

People are even putting these into Gas Helicopters, and there is a HELI VERSION G26 available as well.

Balsa USA 1/4 Scale Nieuport 17 with G26