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Esky Lama V3 Review

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Video of an Esky Lama V3 flown Indoors

This is a very popular Coaxial that is a couple years old in terms of Design. It uses 2 motors to counter rotate 2 blades in what is known as a Coaxial helicopter. It has no tail rotor as the counter rotating blades control yaw. They will turn at different speeds to accomodate Yaw in the helicopter. The 4 in 1 controller (reciever, Main motor controller (2) and Gyro) is up front.  You can change the gyro gain with a dial or the tail centering also with a dial.

Esky has several versions including a 72mhz or 2.4Ghz version. There is also the newer version 4 which pretty much just looks different.  For flying around the house, 72Mhz is fine. If you frequently fly around other people who fly at 72mhz, the esky

These are very stable and easy to learn on. Some might find this to be the perfect beginner helicopter if you have an indoor area to fly or a wind protected back yard. Any slight breeze even of a couple MPH can take the heli off like a kite as it does not have very much forward/backward or side to side movement capabilty.  This is best for hover training and getting aquainted to using your left hand to climb or rotate the helicopter.  Some people complain they are too easy to fly and they get bored. I suggest if you start on a coaxial, you need to still practice orientations and learn nose in and fly in box patterns and circles or figure 8's that are concentric.  I still fly mine in the winter time at least once a week at my work or at home.  

The typical repair is broken blades if you drop the throttle at the moment of impact or before. Replacement parts are available at a great many sources.

The heli flies on a 2S 800mAh Lipo.  Instead of Esky replacement batteries, Xheli and Hobby parts sell the blue Lipo line that is less than $10 for a spare battery with JST connector already installed.  I do advise you wait 5-10 minutes between flights to let the brushed motors cool or you may overheat them and prematurely have a failure or weak motor. Also, I advise you don't fly more than 8 minutes or the batteries will degrade. The motor on this helicopter is not strong so if you have either a weak motor or battery, it will not hover over time at all.