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CRRC GP26R Gas 2 stroke engine Review

I purchased the CRRC GP26R second hand. I will comment that the engine you will more likely see is the V2 engine (GF26I or GF26iV2) Like in the photo above. This is an improved model with better bearings I have been told. The carb is also on the rear unlike mine (right photo). The engine only took about 5 tanks to be ready to put in the air. I've had no deadsticks after that point.I currently have about 20-25 flights on it. We ran the engine first with a 18x8 APC prop and kept it that way. I have it in a Katana Profile funfly plane (the kind shown above).  We ran the engine with a mix of 25:1 oil for break in on the ground for about 3 tanks.  Being gas, you get ALOT of time in the air on little gas.  The version I have has the Nitro type mount with side rails. So does the GF26iV2. You then use a nitro type mount which my Profile pane had. The GF26i has a more traditional firewall mount. Before buying one, I invite you to look at the versions at the CRRCPRO website so you get the right one.  This engine is suitable for 90-1.20 type planes.  I have yet to deadstick this plane in the air once I had help getting the mixture settings correct (Look up some different methods at RCuniverse on setting walboro carb mixture). A couple comments on the engine:

CRRC 26i V2 Pro Manual

CRRC 26 is available at Hobbypartz , Rons Hangar, and Maxford USA
Rons's Hanger is good for spare parts also.

CRRC Website (manuals available for download as .RAR files on each product page)

CRRC GF26R Help thread on RcUniverse.com
CRRC Pro 26i V2 Help thread on RcUniverse.com

CRRC is a budget gas plane. It is NOT a high end engine. But it has good value. You need to properly break it in and take it easy at first flying high enough in case you dead stick it.  But I've been pleased with it so far. CRRC makes other sized engines and I've seen one of the CRRC 55cc engines in action and it did well.
Some places to buy CRRC engines.

CRRC Pro engines at Ravenrc.com (good selection)
CRRC 50 at Hobbypartz (search for CRRC)