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Castle Creations ICE Review 

I own and use 2 of the Castle Creations ICE ESCs.  One is a 75A in a 500 Helicopter, and the other is a 100A in a 550 Helicopter.  I originally purchased the 75A for my EXI 500 helicopter in order to get motor data for the motors I was trying out.  The Castle ICE has the nice feature where not only can you program it from a PC to set it up but you can also set up data logging to see your flight.  You need to purchase an optional USB programmer (for a time, they were giving them out free with a rebate slip included in the ESC).  The ESC has some nice features that I liked including
1) Programmable soft start
2) Logging
3) RPM Govenor mode
4) Over current protection
5) Switching BEC

For nearly 2 years, I used the internal Switching BEC on my EXI 500, but when I moved it to another 500 heli, I began to use a seperate switching BEC because the other 500 was a flybarless heli.  For hard flying, I recommend you use a seperate BEC.  You need to disconnect the red wire on the servo end for  that.

I employed the SET RPM govenor mode.  I'll give you a tip,  Increase the Pinion tooth count by about 20%.  IF you are using a 13T pinion, go to a 15T when using the gov mode.  This allows the gov to properly regulate the RPMS during high current manuevers (tic tocs, punch outs, hard continuous flips, piro flips).  Gov mode is explained later in the following vids.

Castle Setup Videos by RCDBUTZ
Castle Setup Video 1
Castle Setup Video 2
Castle Setup Video 3
Castle Setup Video 4
Castle Setup Video 5