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Airfield Warbirds

General Impression:
I have always loved warbirds. Ever since I was a kid. I've owned a number of warbirds in the 50"+ range and I have to say that the Airfield line is like having the ability to own a collection.  They are inexpensive for what you get, they build fast and during the most common misaps, they repair really easily compared to stick built.  Airfield is really a re-brand of FMS models. But the folks at Nitroplanes specifiy changes to the designs and electronics that sometimes makes them better than what you get from a dealer who only sells FMS.  Often, Airfield is less expensive too.  Servos are not high quality Hitecs but they are not poor quality like I see with E-flite.  These kits build FAST.  Some of them you screw on the tail sections, others you glue them on. YES, you can use the included glue they give you. It works well on EPO foam.  Yup, these are EPO foam models so they take CA glue well and are more durable than styrofoam.

The Planes:
One thing you have to think about is if you are flying off of pavement or Grass.  Many of the tail dragger planes don't take off or taxi well on thicker grass runways.  The Stuka does the best.  The B25 definitly would need to be modded for grass. I have personally modified a P-47 by pulling the gear out then Gorrila Gluing in wood rails to rake the landing gear forwards and I do well on grass. My T-28 only needed a slightly larger nose wheel to take off from grass but still flew from grass with the stock one.  Follow the links below to find out how people have modified their planes for grass runways.  People have also done more modifications to them as well such as a more scale cockpit, Oleo struts and stronger wing reinforcement to handle stronger motors.  Note, for some planes, they have produced different versions.  Especially the P-51. Before purchasing, look at the pictures and specs to see what you are looking at (3 blade, vs. 4 blade etc).

I'd say from personal experiance and other reviews, the planes fly well stock. They are not fast but are stable once you get the CG right.  The T-28 flies the most stable and like a sport aerobatic plane more than a warbird. All the Tail draggers require more experiance to take off and land than the others. The short fuselage of the Spitfire is probably the hardest to fly. (maybe try an elevator gyro?).

When purchasing one, don't forget about the COUPON CODES

Update: Nitroplanes seems to be stocking more of the Dynam and Tech-one Warbirds than Airfield now. Check those out.

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