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Review of the KDS Flymentor

The KDS flymentor is a stabilization system that will connect in between the RX and the Servos. SImilar to a flybarless controll (but not one). it will try to stabilize the helicopter but also auto level it using a camera and sensors.  There is an entire section over a Helifreak dedicated to this device and I encourage you to go there to learn more. I have used this to buddy box students and to let "first time heli pilots" try it out. Most if not all of my feelings on the Flymentor are contained in the video above.

I have a KDS Flymentor. I got it working so easily that I think it has potential.
I premise this with the fact that I'm not a novice. I've been in RC for 20 years and Helicopters for about 18. Setting up the Flymentor was aided by an online friend that warned me about some errors in the manual (blue and green wires are opposite what they say). There's alot of info over on the FREAK but I don't go to that site much. Way more activity over here so I thought I'd start to share experiances I have as I work with it.
My 2 oldest kids (11 and 9) have started to fly some. 3ch and MSR in the house. I wanted a stable outdoor CP heli platform for them. I have a 450 set up on 2 DX7's in a buddy box configuration and I wanted to start them off with a 'coaxial' feel to it that i can dial down over time. Here comes the flymentor. You can get them at Hobby King (when in stock or RC-fever)

KDS Flymentor at RC Fever
Field programming box
KDS Flymentor at Hobby King

I mounted the flymentor onto my EXI 450 Carbon SE (An align 450 SEv2 clone). The EXI was already a stable and smooth flying helicopter before I added the flymentor so I did not have to fight any vibe issues.

I toned down the pitch response in the DX7 setups so the heli is much easier to fly. Not only that, but even with the Flymentor Sensitivity set very low, the 450 is more stable in the wind than before. Against the advise of others, I even used the Flymentor to control the tail. This allowed me to set the tail gain in the flymentor software and use my gear switch for the Flymentor sensitivity gain. (more gain makes it self stabilize faster). THus I did not need a 7Ch Rx and I'm using a park flyer AR6100e.
I'm going to try to grab some noob Heli pilots, or plank pilots who have minimal heli sim time and see how it goes in addition to my kids.

One can debate all day that this or Helicommand type device is necessary. I don't think it's necessary but it's an option.
A 450 heli with the flymentor is a pretty stable platform. I flew it yesterday in 10-15mph wind and with the system turned on, it was noticably more stable. Maybe you should not learn in 15mph winds, but it sure helped it. Learning with a FP heli in 10mph winds is unbearable to me.

I know people who have been trying to learn to fly and they are struggling so much that I think the only way they will enjoy themselves is to get one of these. I was actually inspired to get this the day I finished setting up a 500 with 3G for a fellow club member then handed him the sticks. he crashed i in about 60 seconds.

Installing one of these does not take away all the other setup you need to do in a CP heli to get it flyable. It adds work to it, but it might just take future work away from crash repair as you are learning. Since I'll have my kids on a buddy box, I know that if I need to pull the control away from them, I can rely on the flymentor to quickly handle the cyclic (faster than I can) and I can take care of the collective/tail.

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