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Gens Ace Battery Review

Without a doubt, when I saw the Gens Ace batteries being offered I was hoping it would be compeditive with the Hobby King Nanotech batteries . The Gens Ace line that is currently carried by HobbyPartz,Xheli and to some extent Nitroplanes and NitroRCX has not dissapointed me.  They did not advertise (at least not when I am writing this review) what the max charge rate was. Later I found it was up to 5C for the 25C packs.  This is comparible to the Nantotech batteries. What I found was the IR (Internal Resistance) of the packs were on par if not better than the Nanotechs.  Reviews of others through cycle testing over on RCGroups led me to believe that these packs have a longer useful life as well.

I have never been much of a fan of the high dollar Lipos that cost $50-$80 for a 3S 2200mAh pack! I"m a "bang for the buck" kind of person. Those packs are high quality, often come with a crash policy, can advertise a higher charge rate (if your charger can handle it)  but most pilots won't know the difference between that and a $20 3S 2200mAh 30C BlueLipo Pack. Some will say the high $$ packs last twice as long (number of cycles) but my opinion is I'd rather have 2x or 3x the number of packs and cycle them less and have more flights in a day without having to field charge.   I also don't wish to have that much invested in a battery in the event of total loss, stolen or battery failure that I induce myself.  On all my 3S 2200mAh or larger batteries, I switch over to a Deans Ultra plug (just what I"ve standardized on) but the BlueLipo packs come with a 4mm Plastic cased Bullet connector.   Bullet connectors are generally easier to solder on to a wire than Deans which requires heat shrinking and clamping to the wires and conector to make sure they don't move. The smaller BlueLipo packs (for foamies, micro helis etc) will come with typical 2 pin JST connectors. The batteries come with a balance port with the very common JST-XH type connector on it.  

I charged, then cycled the batteries times then measured the Internal resistance on the packs using a 3016B iCharger and found that the total IR was on par if not slighly better than my Nanotech Batteries of the same discharge rate, cell capacity and number of cells. I then procedded to break-in my lipos doing simple short hover flights. After the break-in, the IR was still good.  I tested 6S 5300 30C, 6S 3300 25C and a 3S 2200 25C packs. The Average Internal resistance measurements per cell were as follows:
6S 5300 30C : 1 milliohm per cell
6S 3300 25C : 2 milliohm per cell
3S 2200 25C : 3 milliohm per cell

I did high discharge flights with an EXI 450 Pro, Align 500 and Align 550 with these batteries and discharged them up to 90% flying as hard as I could. (tic tocs, flips funnels etc). All 3 batteries came down cool and not puffy.  They performed better than I had expected.

At the time of this review, Hobbypartz and Xheli was offering FREE SHIPPING

About C rating:
Often a confusion for many people.
C rating typically refers to the maximum discharge rate.  A 20C 2200mAh pack can discharge at 44A max (2.2A x 20 = 44a).  But what is not express is typically the higher C packs will have a lower Internal Resistance. That internal resistance is directly proportional to the internal voltage drop of the battery pack while under load.  Cheap ebay battery packs are often notorious for having a very high IR (Mystery brand for example). This will result in motor bog af full pitch punch outs and tic tocs where the RPMS sags after your first TIC).

Generally, here is my advice on battery purchases:
20C = Beginner Novice hovering and basic non-aggressive Sport flying
25C = Aggressive sport flying to mild 3D aerobatics
30C+ = 3D aerobatics involving continuous rapid changes in pitch or cyclic

I advise Novices and beginners to purchase multiple 20C packs so they can get more flying in. They should learn on those 20C packs and be putting 50+ flights on them before looking to upgrade. Later, they can use those cheaper 20C packs as warm up flights or test flights before using up other packs for the day's flying.

Where to get Gens Ace brand Lipos:

Ace Power Website (who makes Gens Ace)

Basic LiPo info plus links to other sources of information


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EC3 is also a popular standard used by Align and E-Flite on smaller packs (female on battery side)
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