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Link to Airfoilx Extra NX at 3DXHOBBIES.COM

3DXHOBBIES Airfoilz Extra 300NX

General Impression:
This was a great purchase for me.  The kit was not that expensive and the electronics that I purchased were also inexpensive.  For well under $150, I had a Battery Ready park flyer that I now have been flying regularly in calm and in the wind.  The stickers were about the only thing I did not like about them, They seem to be a bit heavy for graphics and you really need to pressure them on to get them to stick. No big deal but if there was anything bad to say about this plane, that's the only thing I could come up with.

The build takes time. So you better have some patience for it.  But the good news is they supply a CD manual that is for the most part pretty straightforward.  If you have any questions, there are build threads on RCGROUPS on this plane and the other Airfoilz. The threads are heavily monitored by 3DX as well as other pilots.  The only thing that is odd that you might find is the use of Microballoons.  I happened to have some from 10+ years ago, but some hobby shops don't carry it.  You don't need much and you could probably get away with a couple applications of Epoxy at a time for each wing but that adds weight.  I followed the CD manual but did jump a couple times so I could work on something while Epoxy is drying. MAKE SURE YOU READ THE FULL MANUAL before you start.  

All of my Electronics were from HOBBYPARTZ.COM. Alpha 480 920Kv motor, EXI S1123 Servos, Volcano 25A ESC and the Exceed 2.4Ghz Rx.  I used a 1300mAh Blue Lipo for battery but others are flying it also with 1800 and 2200mAh batteries.  I don't tend to fly full throttle all the time and don't fly long so the 1300 was perfect for me.  I chose an 11x3.8 APC electric prop.  The Alpha 480 920Kv comes with the prop nut and firewall mount as well as Bullets to solder to the ESC. I use DEANS plugs so I had to solder that to the ESC myself.  There is also an Alpha 480 1100Kv motor that you can use for this plane as well.  Even with an old spare weak 1300mAh 20C pack I had, I got full up vertical and could hand launch straight up. I'll comment about the EXI S1123 servos, they are REALLY inexpensive, Less than $3 each. You can get the 213F digital versions for $9, but these analog servos are GREAT for the price. They have a ball bearing in the top and the centering is great. Virtually slop free (unlike a set of E-flite servos I have in another funfly). These are a hidden treasure over at Hobbypartz.

Setup & Maiden flight:
One important thing is to NOT mount the battery of cut the slots for the velcro straps for it until you finish the plane, have all the stickers on and can then measure the CG.  Place the battery on top of the wing at the CG point and see if it will work there. Shift the battery till the CG is perfect.  Center the straps at the center of the battery and place Velcro on the plane, You can then shif the battery forward/back to adjust CG after maiden. Maybe make a mark where the leading edge of the battery goes for future reference.  Because I built the plane straight, had my CG adjusted right, my maiden was uneventful and my trim took only a few clicks here and there.  In flight, the plane flew AWESOME for a profile foamie.  It tends to flop over in the grass if I land too fast, but the plane can take it.  Just chop the throttle in time and no worries.  This plane is a blast!!!

Video of Maiden Flight (opens in new window)