The following are videos to educate you in switch programming the gain input on a gyro that has a gain wire. The videos were done with the GY48V gyro and a Spektrum DX7 Radio. For instructional purposes, the video shows the Servo under control of the gyro (left) and a servo that is hooked up with the Gyro gain wire using a Y adaptor (gain channel connects to Gyro as well as the Servo). This allows you to visualize where the servo output is that is going to the Gyro Gain channel. The videos show how to use the endpoint(travel adjust) and subtrims for the gear and flap channels to acheive the appropriate settings.

Note: For some of the more advanced radios where you can set a 3 position switch at any value (DX8), you have more flexability and can actually set a High Rate/Low Rate/Off (very low RATE) functionality.

Video 1: Basic operation of the gain channel and how it sets Gyro functionality: Rate mode, Heading Hold mode and Off (Low rate gain)

Video 2: Basic how to set up various combinations using your Tx.
0:00 Rate/HH using Gear Switch
1:34 OFF/HH using Gear Switch
3:20 Rate/OFF using Gear Switch
4:41 Rate/OFF/HH using Flap Switch
7:25 Other general information