RUDDER GYRO on an Airplane

The following is a 2 part video on installing a LABEL UP (Detrum GY48V) gyro onto the Rudder (Yaw) axis of a Cub (Piper L4). The gyro was purchased from HobbyPartz. Although the videos show how to set up in both Heading Hold and Rate mode, I recommend you try it first in Rate mode.  Most of my Rudder Gyros I operate at about 70-80% gain in Rate mode. With Heading Hold, I needed to turn down the travel adjust or dual rates on the Rudder channel to make it controllable while in Headin Hold mode. I do not like the idea of taking off and NOT touching the rudder stick.  Being that I take off from grass, the clumpy bumpy runway will not treat even a heading hold gyro kindly.   A smooth blacktop and a straight firm tailwheel will be much better.  With Rate mode, if I do need to make minor stick corrections, everything is easier to control.  With Heading Hold mode, I found that I needed to do more tweeking to the dual rates when using HH mode on take off. Thus I recommend to start with Rate mode.