Mounting the gyro
You will want to use gyro tape or servo tape to mount the gyro to a flat surface in the airplane. This tape will stick better to clean plywood than to Balsa. A good alternative to gyro tape or servo tape is Scotchtm indoor & outdoor Mounting tape. It is available at the local hardware store and is gray with red release film. It is a good idea to use 2 layers of this. Press onto the wood surface first and squish it down before placing the servo onto it. On the servo clean the plastic with windex or rubbing alcohol and let it dry before applying it to the mounting tape. This mounting tape is important to isolate high frequency vibrations from the motor of the airplane to the gyro. Secure it to flat plastic or smooth plywood. If your surface is foam or balsa, then epoxy a sheet of plywood or plastic to the surface first and then apply the foam tape and gyro to that. Foam and Balsa do not adhere well to the servo tape and will come off over time.

Initially you should temporarily mount the gyro to the plane to test the gyro orientation. You can tape it to it or use a smaller square of mounting tape.

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