Q) I do not have a spare channel, How can I use a gyro?
A) You can use the Futaba GY240 or Esky 704 (blue/silver) or Many of the gyros have a gain dial on them. The gain dial is used instead of the spare channel input. Refer to the manual for how it operates. Some gyros, the gain determines if it is in Rate or Heading Hold mode based on if it is to the right or left of center.

Q) How much wind have you flown in using a gyro?
A) At this time, with my small electric 37" I have flown in up to 20mph winds but I think it could fly in more wind.

Q) Have you ever had a gyro failure?
A) In a helicopter just once. The failure was because I moved it before letting the gyro initialize. I also did not do a gyro pre-flight test. 2 mistakes = error. Luckily I got it down before there was any damage. Gyros are a piece of electronics. They can fail. It has happened.

Q) I'm testing this gyro, I"m holding it in my hand to determine the axis of rotation but the servo is REALLY Jittery.
A) Gyros don't work well when held in your hand.Your hand shakes too much. Tape it to something heavy with more mass then set it on a table and rotate it different directions.

Q) I have a small EPP foamie I'd like to try it with. Where is a good place to mount the gyro?
A) Not next to the aileron or the aileron servo. EPP foam gives and transmits the vibration of the moving servo and aileron. That will make the gyro sense that and think it's a high speed rotation. The result is wing wag.

Q) I have dual ailerons and I use flapperons, can I still use a gyro?
A) Yes, I did this on a dual aileron EPP foam plane as a test.  In this case only connect one servo and don't use a servo splitter. The gain of the gyro will be effectifly less since it is using just one aileron but it will work (not as well as using 2 ailerons) but yes, it will work. Make sure you test that your flapperon functionality is working before flying.

Q) I had the ATV/Adjust on my aileron set to a value higher or lower than 100 previously and now with the gyro the aileron

difflection during a pre-flight test is not the same.
A) The gyro wants to use 100% difflection. Some gyros have a LIMIT dial on them to change that. A Rate/HH gyro will use the ATV/travel adjust value as the roll rate, thus increasing the ATV/Travel adjust will not change the max aileron difflection, but it will adjust the roll rate during flight.

Q) My gyro is not initializing, what might be going wrong?
A) Some causes could be:
   1) Gyro is not getting a signal from the Rx.
   2) You are using too much subtrim or trim. Many gyros want you to use Zero subtrim or trim. You will have to trim your ailerons mechanically
   3) You are moving the airplane too soon after turning it on.
   4) Deffective Gyro. (least likely scenerio of all)

Q) My roll rates are not nearly as fast as before
A) This is the case with many of the Rate only Gyros when you increase the gain too high.

Q) My aileron difflection is not normal when doing a pre-flight test
A) Some Rate only gyros or some HH/Rate gyros with the gyro gain turned down too far (below 30%) will not give full travel. Slowly increase the gyro gain and try again.

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